How to Write a Blog Post People Will Actually Want to Read

How do I write a blog post people actually will want to read?

This is a common question, especially with blogging being such a popular medium nowadays. It is a great way for companies to boost their conversion rates and build trust with their audience, and it is a great way to direct traffic to your website. When someone Googles a question such as, how do I hire a freelancer? Or how did I start my own business? they most likely read a blog post to answer their question.

But how do you get people to not only click on your blog post, but stick it out until the end?

A compelling and strong blog post that people will actually want to read includes three essential ingredients:

The problem, the hook, and the solution. 

This will allow you to craft a blog post that draws in your readers with a compelling hook and make them think “Yes, I have that problem and this post will help me solve it,” and then choose to spend the next five or so minutes reading your post. 

Here is the breakdown of writing a blog post your clients will actually want to read.

1. The Problem

The first step to finding out your audience’s problem is figuring out who your audience is.

Say you are a freelance writer who has just been hired by a social media consultant company who wants a post on how to gain more followers on Instagram. Immediately, you know your audience is people who are already using the platform but are not seeing the results they want. They want more followers but don’t know how to get them. 

Now, you that you have a problem, it is time to dissect it. Pick it apart; come up with every possible question your audience may have on this topic: When should I post? What should I post? Am I on the wrong platform?

The next step is to get writing. It is time to craft a hook that will hold your reader’s attention long enough that they move past the first sentence and onto the rest of the post.

2. The Hook

Every piece of writing that you want people to read must have a hook. I recommend having a catchy title and a great opening sentence; have them work together to create something your client can’t peel their eyes away from. 

This is essential to every blog post, and really, any piece of copy on the web that you want people to read. Like I said before, this is how you are going to get people to click on your blog post and read past that first sentence (which is the hook!).

Tips for creating a compelling hook:

  • Give the solution to their problem (e.g. Look at my opening sentence above!)
  • Don’t give what you don’t have (Make sure what you are saying you’ll answer in your title, or the opening sentence, is something you actually answer)
  • Start with a question your audience has (e.g. Why are my Instagram posts not getting likes?)
  • Utilize SEO-friendly words

3. The Solution

Now it is time to solve the problem you said you were going to solve in your title and wrap everything up in a pretty bow.

When solving your audience’s problem, don’t leave any information out. The lengthier the blog post, the better it will do because, in a longer blog post, you have time to answer every question your audience may have regarding your topic. If it is about how to gain more Instagram followers, you have the time to cover when the best time to post is, how to write a bio, how to get people to follow you back, what type of content is the most popular, etc. You won’t leave anything out and because of that, your reader will walk away knowing exactly how to solve their problem.

Also, if you solve their problem completely, there is a good chance they will come back to your blog when they have another problem in dire need of a solution!

Tips for explaining the solution:

  • Tell them where to start and how to proceed (e.g. Step #1, Step #2, Step #3, etc.)
  • Offer tips along the way
  • Include charts, tables, and other graphics

That is it. That is the secret to crafting a compelling blog post your audience will actually want to read. This is because your audience has to find some sort of value in it to keep on reading, and by finding your audience’s problem, crafting a strong hook, and then solving the problem completely, you are doing just that. 

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