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Focal Case Study

Focal is a newer SaaS start-up company that launched in 2018.

They strive to empower and equip photographers with the tools they need to grow and nurture a successful photography business. These tools include package templates, a booking system, a marketplace, and a free business accelerator program. 

Focal has the framework of a successful product but lacked the social media presence and audience to share it with until I was hired to manage their Instagram and Pinterest accounts in August 2020.

In August 2020, their Instagram had 428 followers, and their Pinterest was nonexistent. The goals were evident for both accounts: to grow their reach, impressions, and engagement.

INSTAGRAM (@bookfocal)

Before I started managing their Instagram, Focal had 428 followers, no consistent posting schedule, and targeted photography clients. 

My first step was to change Focal’s target audience for their social media overall to photographers, not clients.

Why did I do this?

  • Their products target photographers (except the marketplace targets both)
  • Their Instagram following grew very slowly
  • Their Instagram feed didn’t encourage engagement and received little engagement

While I still occasionally post photos taken by Focal’s photographers that target photography clients, it was clear that this wasn’t the right target audience. Furthermore, this wasn’t leading Focal’s Instagram towards success that would benefit its business in sales, downloads, sign-ups, etc.

After analyzing the posted content and the health of their Instagram, I also chose to focus on these two main goals: To grow the following and increase brand awareness.

I would strive to increase engagement in link clicks, profile visits, likes, comments, shares, and saves through posting more diverse content, developing a posting schedule, and engaging daily with other accounts. 

I started by writing long, valuable captions that dove into common photography business questions, tips, and advice . These longer captions encourage more engagement and help position Focal as a leader in the photography industry. More specifically, as a go-to resource for photographers to learn about the business side of photography and harness their business skills.

After understanding Focal’s audience and past social media attacks, I created more clear goals to grow their Instagram following and increase brand awareness.

Our KPIs for the first three months (August – November) were:

  • Reach 700 followers
  • Achieve an engagement of 75% per month

By the end of the first three months (November 6), my audit revealed that:

  • Following rate grew by 111% (gained 478 new followers)
  • Engagement rates reached 180%
  • Number of posts increased by 10% (45 new posts)

How did I achieve this?

By creating S.M.A.R.T social media goals, such as:

  • Post 4-5x per week
  • Post to Stories every day
  • Create and post more graphics that encourage engagement (see photo below for example)
  • Write captions that encourage engagement (tips, questions, polls, etc.)
  • Create a posting schedule based on when followers were most active
  • Follow 5-10 people every other day
  • Engage in our feed for 15 minutes before and after posting

After the first 9 months (May 6, 2021), my audit revealed:

  • Follower rate was still gradually increasing at 28% 
  • Engagement rate was approximately 72%
  • Number of posts increased by 37% (169 posts)
Stats from May 2021-June 2021: Still growing!

The goals did not change too much, however, there was one large change I made to Focal’s Instagram content: I modified the type of content we posted. Instead of only photos taken by our photographers, we incorporated graphics, such as photography tips and guides, which encouraged people to save and share more. We also included video content, such as IGTV, reels, and video Stories. 

Stats for graphic promoting our Facebook group for photographers posted on June 5, 2021 (CTA: To join, click the link in our bio! ⬆️⁠):

Stats for image promoting family photography locations in Mill Bay, BC blog post posted on June 22, 2020 (CTA: checkout our full blog post (link in bio)):

Not only does this encourage more engagement, but it also looks better! (See examples below.)

BEFORE: Photos from June 2020
AFTER: Taken in June 2021

As of June 28, 2021, Focal’s Instagram follower count is 1,289 and has 452 posts. 

Now, we have established Focal’s online presence and increased brand awareness. As a result, photographers are now familiar with the company and its products, creating warm leads for the company to convert.

(More case studies to come!)


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