Copy Editing

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$0.012 USD/word

What is copy editing?

When copy editing, you are fixing any grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation mistakes. If there is wordiness or incorrect sentences, rewriting can occur as well. Copy editing readies the text for the final stage of proofreading and should be done after content editing occurs.

To copy edit, I use Microsoft Word and Track Changes. As I edit the document, you will be able to see the mistakes I correct and sentences I rewrite through Track Changes, and I will leave comments explaining my corrections and any further suggestions for revisions I have.

All edits are made in regards to the Chicago Manual of Style.


  • 2-3 Rounds of edits
  • Spelling
  • Clarity
  • Style
  • Consistency
  • Word Usage
  • Repetition
  • Reader Report
  • And more!

All services require a 50% nonrefundable deposit when you book