Zoe Mathers is a freelance writer and editor who studies English at the University of Victoria with a minor in Professional Communication. Her hobbies apart from writing and editing are reading (of course! She loves YA fantasy) and bouldering. Her dream life includes having multiple books published and living in the sunny beachside town Oceanside.

She has been writing since 2015 and began with the short story, but quickly progressed into novel writing, content writing, and social media content creation. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and publications for her writing and has continued to perfect her craft. This passion led to her interest in social media and in the summer of 2020, she was a Social Media Marketing Intern for Gypsy Journals. Currently, she works as a Communications Development Lead for Focal, a platform that equips photographers with e-commerce tools. She runs their Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, writes blog posts on photographer-related content, and works closely with photographers to create portfolios and packages that customers will buy.

Since 2018, she has pursued editing and started off as a newsletter editor for a writer’s group called The Silver Threads. Some of her recent editing work is the biography, Fransesca: A Remarkable Life by Katrina Pavlovsky (which is now available for purchase!) and most recently, she has copy edited a Me Too-inspired contemporary, We’re Not Done by Graham Duncan.

Now, she wants to be able to share her experience and knowledge with even more people. Whether you need help editing your manuscript that is almost ready for the world to see, or with a blog post that will drive traffic to your blog, her services are here for you.

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Check out her Portfolio HERE for her published works.