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Do you have a book launch in the upcoming future? Or maybe you want to learn some strategies to re-ignite life into an old book series.

Whatever it is, I can coach you so you can meet your goals with my one-on-one marketing coaching call service for authors.

While it’s beneficial to hire a social media manager for some marketing help (which, as a social media manager for authors, I know how helpful this is!), YOU need to learn how to efficiently market and sell your books.

What if your social media manager cancels your contract?

What if you can’t afford to keep up with paying a social media manager?

If any of those above happens to you, the success of your books can be jeopardized! However, suppose you decide to take charge of your business and understand the foundation of book marketing by creating a detailed book launch strategy, marketing plan, or social media content calendar. In that case, you will be prepared for anything.

You might even find you love the marketing side of being an author!

Whatever the case is, this service is something that you will take your business to the next level. The notes you’ll take during our session, and the worksheets and strategies I will provide are valuables you can pull out whenever.

Let’s chat a bit more about the details, shall we?

In this author coaching call, you will:

  • have the chance to ask any questions regarding the topic
  • receive documents, such as a tailored book launch strategy, marketing plan, etc.
  • learn how to achieve your goals

BETA PRICE: $75 USD per call

Click the button below to fill out the form so I can learn more about you and your needs and see if we are a good fit.

Authors I Work With:

Lacey Baker

Alicia Dean

Jude Bayton

Jordan Riley Swan

Kenneth G. Bennett

And many more!

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