Freelance Editor, Writer, and Social Media Coordinator

Hi, my name is Zoe.

I am a freelance editor, a freelance writer who specializes in writing on digital marketing topics, and a freelance social media coordinator or content creator.

I have loved stories and writing since I was young and have never stopped pursuing them. For so long, writing has been a massive part of my life. So much so that I’ve been professionally pursuing it since I was 13, entering contests and submitting to literary magazines non-stop. Now, several years later, I edit too! I want to help other writers’ stories come alive just as much as my own.

That is why I created this business. To help bring stories alive and into the world where they belong.


I offer a variety of editing services: developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Not sure if I’d be a good fit for your book? Take advantage of my free sample edit!


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For any business, it is important to have compelling and correct copy. Whether you need a blog post or a brochure, my copywriting services can provide you with what you need.

Digital Marketing

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Social media is an essential part of being an author, especially if you are self-published. If you aren’t social media savvy and need a helping hand developing in creating some content, check out my services!

Zoe edited a book and was thorough in her editing. She worked diligently and carefully. Zoe reviewed her editing before submitting it back to me. She checked in regularly and was always on time. I thought that Zoe’s editing was well done. I would hesitate to recommend her services.

Katrina Pavlovsky, author of Fransesca: A Remarkable Life

Zoe promptly responded to a request for a copy editor. She followed up with a phone call and after a brief discussion about the novel, We’re Not Done, she went straight to work. She checked in weekly and completed the project earlier than initially projected.

Zoe’s work was thorough in the copy edit. She added additional comments that I incorporated into the editing process. Zoe was prompt, professional and responsive.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Graham Duncan, author of We’re Not Done

I’m a member of the Professional Editing Association of Vancouver Island

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