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When writing a blog post, social media caption, or newsletter for your business, you want it to be free of grammar errors and as clear as day.


It can be hard to spot those pesky errors when you’re the one writing the copy. They slip out of sight and hide between the words you love.

That’s why I’m here: to be that extra set of eyes to make sure your blog post or newsletter or social media caption sounds the best it can be.

The easiest way to showcase your expertise online, after all, is through the quality and power of your writing.

Are you ready?

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“Zoe edited a book and was thorough in her editing. She worked diligently and carefully. Zoe reviewed her editing before submitting it back to me. She checked in regularly and was always on time. I thought that Zoe’s editing was well done. I would hesitate to recommend her services.

– Katrina Pavlovsky, author of Fransesca: A Remarkable Life (copy editing + proofreading client)

“Zoe promptly responded to a request for a copy editor. She followed up with a phone call and after a brief discussion about the novel, We’re Not Done, she went straight to work. She checked in weekly and completed the project earlier than initially projected.

Zoe’s work was thorough in the copy edit. She added additional comments that I incorporated into the editing process. Zoe was prompt, professional and responsive.  I couldn’t ask for more.

– Graham Duncan, author of We’re Not Done (proofreading client)

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