Freelancing 101: How to Set Up Your Business for Success

Have you been thinking about freelancing but just haven’t taken the leap yet? Or are you just unsure where to start? Whatever the reason is, here is your go-to guide for setting up your freelance business for success. The first place to start when launching your own business is to give it a strong foundation…

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Why You Should Focus on Inbound Marketing on Instagram

When creating a marketing strategy for your business and deciding how your social media channels will contribute, focus on inbound marketing. Especially focus on inbound marketing on Instagram. Instagram is meant for sharing valuable and attractive content that your audience wants to engage with, that is why inbound marketing strategies are much more successful than…

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How to Make Money as a Writer

How do I make money as a writer? Is getting my book traditionally published the only way to make money? What other writing jobs, other than an author, are there even? If you have asked yourself any of the questions above (or all three), I am here to tell you that you do not have…

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